Zmilelee House

Zmilelee’s clothing line is private labeled, and made exclusively for the company.

From the design board to store displays, Zmilelee controls all aspects of its trademark

The company seeks to capitalize on an identified market segment in the women wear by offering a sensational blend with sensuous apparel, a unique and refined collection, together with a personalized approach to service.

Zmilelee’s character in fashion is unique in its attempt and subsequent success in creating an identity for women that radiates feminine attraction while preserving the elegance and sophistication of a Zmilelee client. Widely recognized for its luxurious fabrics, Zmilelee’s cuts and compositions are designed specifically to flatter any woman’s nature.

Zmilelee serves customers via three conveniently located retail boutiques within popular shopping districts throughout Lebanon and recently one in City Walk – Dubai along with worldwide sales through the company’s ecommerce catalog and storefront. Retail boutiques in Lebanon are situated in Kaslik, Verdun and Jal el dib.


Zmilelee’s designers hand-select the finest in materials and fashion accessories from world’s preeminent manufacturers, creating, innovative fashion designs and distinctly soft and sensual look.

With impeccable attention to even the finest details, Zmilelee’s signature style helps today’s fashion-conscious female emit sophistication, confidence and radiance while enjoying pure comfort in each refined and ready-to-wear garment.

Zmilelee lines meld seamlessly into today’s fast-paced urban lifestyle, easily transitioning from workday to dusk with the addition of just a few subtle accents and accessories.

Origin and Values

The word is of Armenian origin, it is how we desire every single woman to feel: Amazing!

It symbolizes beauty, strength, purity and charm; together they represent the feminine nature. Refined, sophisticated and timeless are our collection’s values, holding the tempting look of a woman molded with grace and passion.

A socially responsible company, our core values define all of our business decisions, our hiring practices, our relationships and our corporate strategies. Zmilelee was founded with an unyielding commitment to offering inspirational clothing and unique customer service to valued patrons around the world. We value integrity, innovation and creativity, with a brand rooted in the conviction that every woman is truly remarkable.


Femininity is a skill that comes from within…

The Zmilelee brand garners its inspiration from the art of femininity, with a captivating collection of fine apparel lines that celebrate the woman.

The Zmilelee lady has found the power of femininity that glows over her exterior, thus she understands the seduction that lies beneath simplicity. Stirring, effortless, all senses along the way, she loves to catch the eye of her admirer, hear the praise of her beloved and feel the warmth of unequivocal adoration.


Revealing the Graceful Temptation in every lady… Zmilelee believes in bringing out the exquisiteness in every woman, without demising woman’s identity.

Brand Philosophy

The brand. The lifestyle. The experience.

Awakening the “sleeping beauty” in every woman, by giving a unique desire of longing to be beautiful, Zmilelee’s apparel signifies the innocent lure of a woman’s figure by revealing the most sensual parts with Purity and Refinement, altering her into a muse and gently caressing her soul, leaving her Surrendered to its charm.

Zmilelee aims to grant intense pleasure to every lady’s refined senses:

o    Gazing in her beauty with adulation and wonder,

o    Flattering her ears with the most sensual compliments,

o    Inhaling with pride every surrounding emotion

o    Feeling the lust of every admirer,

o    Savoring the pleasure of the most Graceful Temptation…

Beyond a refined fashion brand, Zmilelee is a holistic sensory experience that reaches into our customer’s hearts, minds and souls. Each couture line reinforces the company’s signature style of classic and timeless femininity.

By measuring success in each diminutive detail, our brand begins with a commitment to provide excellence in all that we do including fashion design, garment creation and customer service.

The Zmilelee brand comes to life during the shopping experience, with each encounter carefully analyzed and continually enhanced to deliver a truly luxurious and memorable experience. Our sales associates are passionate about couture and skilled in helping women select the best fit and form for their unique shape. Our company leaders promote a level of passion rarely found in today’s corporate culture. Our designers exhaustively measure and appraise each layer, hue, length and accessory, staying on the cutting edge of their industry.

In the end, Zmilelee’s aim is not about creating exquisite apparel; it’s about creating a Graceful Temptation…